hello love

Hello there beautiful soul! My name is Raechel and I am a graphic designer and visual artist of 9+ years with a Bachelor’s of Journalism, minor in English, a focus in graphic design + communications and study in photography. I also love to paint, draw and sing amongst many of my other creative qualities.


My business has transformed immensely since I began my adventures as a soul inspired entrepreneur about 2.5 years ago, having started off as Spiritually Fit Gal, a boxing training program turned spiritual business coach and now Soulfab Lifestyle business consultant and brand experience designer for multi passionate, soul inspired entrepreneurs like myself.

As you can imagine, my brand style has transformed as I have grown and become into alignment with my heart’s desires. My true purpose and gift in this world? Inspiring more beauty and love within your hearts, businesses and homes.

So, you’re a visionary and you see the big picture. You know you’re capable and worthy of so much more. But maybe you’re still trying to fit yourself in a box, getting stuck in “should-ing on yourself” or can’t seem to break that vision down into bite size, actionable steps working towards that big vision; maybe you’re simply struggling to mirror the visuals - the “voice” - that your product speaks to the world with the soul and true beauty that it is. Sound familiar? Let's play!

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